"This fifty-two part prayer, also named Life in the Year, describes the task of the detective, the task of the monk, the task of the artist, the task of the surgeon, the seed the flower, the human, such that one might meet faith enough in the power of questioning & engage that which is just, such that one may walk a clear path; such that if one may lay bare the collective joy & pain of existence, we may all perhaps find a manner within creation to hear & somewhere to reclaim ourselves."  |  Learn More →

Maybe God is a wheel.
And fear is the rim.
And love is the hub.
And we are the spokes.

"Terror," p. 15  |  Learn More →

Established in 2015, The Lune is a publisher of contemporary poetry and poetics. Known for "making poetry intimate, accessible and very personal" (Denver Post)—and for original cover art by Indigo Deany—The Lune's print editions showcase essential work by the Western Hemisphere's most compassionate and exploratory living poets. Representative authors include Reed Bye, Jack Collom, Anne Waldman, Maureen Seaton, Jaime Robles, Joanna Ruocco, David Mutschlecner, and many more

Burdonom (Medieval Latin "drone bass") is a handcrafted writing desk inlaid with a bass guitar and played with a viola bow. Since designing the setup in 2014, Joe has used burdonom as a vehicle for personal healing and—over time, with additional sound sources—to explore ancestry and preverbal thought. He has performed with AchroousRum Pilots, and solo, in venues ranging from cafes and dive bars to the Fox Theatre, the Fiske Planetarium, and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. See also: Phoria (score to film); BE/AD (cassette).



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